7 Tips to Help Heal a Broken Heart

Having your heart shattered to pieces can be one of the worst experiences in life, specifically when it comes to the end of a relationship.

Whatever the reason was for the breakup, it can be hard for both people involved. Maybe you can’t stop thinking about your ex or you keep reliving a terrible moment over and over in your head, making you feel worse.

Below are 7 tips to help you mend your broken heart.

1 Time
Give yourself time to heal, especially if it was a bad breakup, you’re not going to simply stop your feelings overnight, but as time goes on, the further away you will be from your current situation and the better you will feel.

2 Make a list
List the pros and cons of the person who broke your heart.
For example:
Pro- They helped you pay the bills
Con -They put you down a lot
You’ll soon realise if the cons outweigh the pros, then you are better off without this person anyway.

3 Allowing
Allow yourself to live in the moment of heartache. Don’t pretend everything is ok when it’s not. Accept the feelings which come with being sad, they will soon pass and you will start to feel like yourself again.

4 Speak Up
Talk about your heartache with someone you are closest to. This will be therapy for you whilst you are going through the pain as you will have someone to listen to you while you let it all out and you may find their views and opinions helpful and encouraging to you.

5 Get Out
Go into nature, whether it be a walk in your local park or the countryside, studies have shown that being out in nature can make you feel relaxed and positive.

6 Do Something You Love
What things did you love doing before you met this person? It could be reading or socialising. Do activities you know you’ll enjoy to lift your spirits and start making you feel whole again.

7 Listen to Music
Please don’t listen to songs about having a broken heart, listen to more uplifting songs, your favourite songs which make you feel good about yourself and life in general.


10 Signs You’re Falling In Love

Falling in love can be an exciting time, with new feelings and ways of thinking.

If you can relate to the 10 signs below, you’re probably falling in love.

1 You Think About Them All Day
Whatever you do in your time, whether it’s work or your hobbies, your love interest crosses your mind over and over again.

2 You Fantasize About this person
You start visualising important life moments such as getting married, living together and even having kids with this person!

3 Life Feels Amazing
You get butterflies and somersaults in your stomach whenever you see this person and it causes you to feel high on life.

4 You Listen to Love Songs More
You start to relate to your favourite artists who have made songs about falling in love and this makes you feel better.

5 You Follow Their Social Media Pages
Whether they are on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you want to see their photos and content they upload to see what they get up to in their spare time.

6 You Become Self Conscious
You start wearing your hair in styles that will get you noticed, wear makeup, or start going to the gym in case you bump into your love interest and want to look your best.

7 You Spend Your Sleeping Life Thinking About Them
Yes, you’ve fallen in love so much this person is now appearing in your dreams!

8 You Need to Be With Them All the Time
You yearn to be with this person all the time, seeing as they take up so much space in your mind it only makes sense to want to see them more.

9 Withdrawal
You feel sad when you’re not around them, which is why you do signs 2,4 and 5!

10 Search, Search, Search….
You search for blogs like this one to confirm your feelings to make sense of everything and make sure you’re not going insane!

You’re in love, enjoy the journey!